Ms Yamini Sinha

Patna, India

She is Yamini Sinha from Patna, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places and centres of learning in the world. As her name suggests, she possesses the twinkle of the stars within her and has the ultimate potential to draw the best opportunities even from the toughest situations by her arduous nature. A Lecturer by profession, she stands as a strong willed and confident woman who is a versatile example of strength, self belief and sincerity for her students. Generous, amiable and enthusiastic as she is, loves to make friends and maintain a continuous bonhomie. She takes immeasurable pride in the moral values and virtues that her parents and mentors have well inculcated in her. She is also a trained classical (Kathak) Dancer and has performed at many stage shows. She owes tremendously to her alma mater that has infused the spirit of courageousness, simplicity and thoughtfulness in her. She is confident but not arrogant, vivacious yet placid, audacious yet compassionate and is an au cou-rant to the core. A soul of a child, heart of a young girl and vision of a matured woman makes her inquisitive, imaginative and mindful. Her life is the story of ‘Pygmalion’ in which she is both the sculptor and the sculpture.

She is blessed to have a wonderful family with two adorable children who are more than the world to her and a very supportive husband. Unconditional love of her soul-mate has made her soar into the world of her dreams.She has always endeavoured to make the underprivileged  aware of the importance of education, hygiene & the value of time  and awakening women to know their self worth. She is actively associated with ECRWWO, a women’s welfare organisation and has contributed to the betterment of many lives. She also runs a coaching institute named ‘ASCENT’ where she trains married women in communicative English free of charges which helps in enhancing their confidence and communication skills.

Education – ISCE- Notre Dame Acdemy Patna, M.Sc (Botany) – Patna University and Master in Business Administration – IGNOU, New Delhi

Profession – Lecturer ( Business Administration) in B. N. College, Patna University, Patna

Mrs India, She is India is a prestigious platform and being a part of it raises her self esteem and exuberance. Through this prized channel, she wants to appeal to millions of women that no human being is impeccable, so every woman has a jene-sais-quoi that can drive her to a destination where she can have a rendezvous with the realm of her dreams.

She is brave, bold and beautiful. She is India


Ms Yamini Sinha


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