Dr Kamini Kumari

Bangalore, India

She is Kamini, a dentist by profession who believes in bringing healthy smiles on people's faces and lives. She is compassionate, strong willed and level headed and keeps the aesthetics of life balanced . She is epitome of modesty and has knack of helping people in their dire needs. This reflects from her active participation in the NGO called  " Being social". Her wishes of life revolves around simple living and high thinking 

Education: bachelors in dental surgery  College : M.R AMBEDKAR DENTAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL 

Profession : chief dentist and owner of Dentadura dental clinic. 

Hobbies: redefining and remodelling everything related to aesthetic of an individual, city and society. 

She believes that Mrs India - She is India is a platform that gives chance to an individual to carry country's logo on International platform with great responsibility and pride , to let the world know unseen strengths  of India 

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Dr Kamini Kumari


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