Ms Rajni Mishra

Thane, India

She has been working for Corporate company and now for Pinnacle India Consultancy. She loves to create opportunity and work for people's progress. She likes interacting with new people and grabbing new opportunities for self development .
Life has been a roller-coaster and she has challenged destiny equally by her efforts to achieve everything she has ever dreamt of . She is an open hearted, compassionate and jovial person. She aspires to be an example for women who thinks that marriage is a taboo. She is an extrovert and has dynamic personality.
She is a firm believer of 'we should never compromise on less than what we deserve' and preach this to people around her . She is true fashionista be it at work or home . And her hobbies revolve around the same.

Education- M.B.A (masters in Business Administration)
Institute- DIMR, College PUNE..

She is thankful to Mrs India - She is India platform which gives women not only a chance to overcome their insecurities but also to love their imperfections and inculcate courage to show the world that life doesn't end after marriage but its a beginning of a new phase .

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Rajni Mishra


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