Ms Sheila Winston


Sheila Asha Winston fondly called as Shylu, is a native of Chennai. She holds a masters degree in Business Administration and has grown out to be one of the youngest Entrepreneur. 

She is the founder of Mummy's Child Care, the first ever and the only child care care in India that operates 24x7 and takes care of infants right from 3 months old, to help working women to get back to their work after their maternity holidays.

She also runs an event company in Singapore, which organizes various events exclusively for women. She loves exploring fashion. She is also a passionate Bharatanatyam performer and teacher.

She believes age or marital status should not be a hindrance for one's achievements and ambitions. She aspires to reach out to more women in the world to prove that nothing is impossible for a woman.

Shylu is thankful to Mrs India - She is India for providing a platform to explore her passion once again & to be able to be a role model for fellow women !

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Sheila  Winston


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