Ms Megha Dubey

Agra, India

She is Megha Dubey, her dreams are an electric mix and so are her efforts to fulfil them. A technology geek at work, a perfectionist at home and an enchanting charmer on the ramp, she juggles in her roles almost effortlessly. 

She is a fashionista at heart and it comes naturally to her. She believes in making her presence felt with actions rather than words.

Examination : B.Tech
Institute : Jaypee institute of informationtechnology ,Noida


Her vision is to inspire women to rise up to their rights and demand a life of  fulfilment.She is thrilled that Mrs India She is India will provide that platform and opportunity to lead by example. She is compassionate , daring and a true womanhood flag bearer. She believes marriage is an ongoing phase in one's life which doesn't stop you from pursuing your dreams.

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Megha Dubey


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