Ms Samiksha Singh

Patna, India

If i have to say about myself, I would just describe myself as " A WOMAN". A woman in itself is the whole universe confined into one entity. She is the past she is the present and she is the future. So what i am saying for myself is what I am saying for a woman and I as an individual is synonymous with being a woman.

Theoritically writing about changing the world ,changing the society, using power words may sound poetic and politically correct but practically speaking as a person I can not change the world but more importantly I can change the world of people associated with me with love, patience,understanding, companion, empathy, and overall life chakra. And if one person like me takes the same responsibility then the world will become the best place to live in. You always have a choice , choose what to do wisely , as your own growth n how the world grows depends upon what you choose. Always believe this is my choice and it is the right choice as what you choose today is what you get tomorrow

Ms Samiksha Singh


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