Ms Anuradha Jha

Pune, India

Anuradha – The name itself means a Bright Star and Goddess of Good fortune. She is a multifaceted Personality who brings with herself the compassion, care and great ability to achieve desired objectives in life. Carries smile in tough situations and spreads happiness around her. She is honest by heart and believes in herself.

Professionally -  she is a Bachelor in Business Administration and has got a deep understanding of Stock Markets. She has been an investor in Stock Market since early age. Helps her Friends and Relatives by guiding them to   Pick the Right Shares and Exit at the opportune time to maximize Profits. She devotes her  time in the Tracking and Investing in the Market as well as taking care of her family.

On the Social Front a Great Protagonist of Women Rights in her social circles. Always a resource person for the Women in Need. She helps the women particularly from economically challenged ones to grow up in their lives by helping them get suitable jobs and helps them through counselling with their spouses to live a happy life. Helping women to get “Right to Equality “ for women in society is the core driving force for her. Great Believer in taking each Day as it comes and giving the Best go at it.

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Anuradha Jha


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