Ms Navnidhi W.

Haryana, India

Nine Treasure is what Navnidhi means and she possesses nine awards for her contribution to society. After getting judged by her family, friends and society for her looks, weight and communication she stands tall as a daughter, wife, mother, coach, businesswomen and spiritualist. she is a go getter. she is a health and life coach who has transformed lives and physiques with the power of thought with six years of experience in this field and an impressive list of clientele including teenagers, elderly people and film and TV celebrities, Navidhi Wadhwa has ushered an empowering change. Instead of advocating ‘what not to eat’ Navnidhi believes that ‘we are what we think’. Drawing from her own experience of drastically losing 25 kgs, this spiritualist and eating coaches teaches her clients to align their thoughts into what suits their psychological and physical make-up, rather than follow superficial diet fads. Navidhi uses Nlp ,meditation ,vastu graphology to work on the inner world for reducing  stress and creating a spiritual, emotional and physcial balance.  Navnidhi has touched lives with her practice that liberates the mind from health stereotypes health and teaches physical and psychological acceptance of oneself.

Education : Pursuing PHD.  She is face of Ishma Wellness centre for year 2017 -18. She is a Fashion Designer by profession however she is a Coach for Psychology of Eating, Meditation Expert, NLP practitioner, Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, Tarrot Reader, Healer.  She loves to work on her inner world to create Music - Dance - Shopping - Makeup . Navnidhi believes that Mrs India -she is India is a platform that will give her the chance to contribute the society in much bigger way not only nationally but internationally.

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Navnidhi W.


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