Ms Sangeeta G.

Pune, India

Im  Dr. Sangeeta Pravin Gaikwad, an Ayurvedic  consultant  and physician by profession, helps people to maintain their health by using Authentic  Ayurvedic Medicine. I’m Passionate, assertive and self-believer with daring attitude, I have the power to create an impact on people no matter where I am, achieving a regret free attitude and to always remain happy-go-lucky and keep my feet firmly on the ground in all situations. I learn positive things and take inspiration from people, I have met throughout my life. I believe in saying “Aim for the moon….Even if you miss, you may still hit a star!!!”

Education – Batchlor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery  - University – Savitribai Phule Pune University (Maharastra)   

Profession – Practicing Pure Ayurveda and Medicine, Owner of Vedamrut Panchakarma n Skylar  clinic.  

I Believe “Mrs India-She is India” is a platform- to touch the hearts of million peoples and able to influence and inspire the married women across the country.

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Sangeeta G.


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