Ms Shriti Karmakar

Gurgaon, India

She is Shriti Karmakar, a small town girl from Maharashtra, who grew up in Bengali family having beautiful culture and principle. She considers herself as a very optimistic person and being an army kid, is passionate about travelling, meeting new people and exploring different culture. She is masters in Biotechnology from Bangalore university, now working as a compliance Manager with one of Fortune 500 6th number company since 9 years.

She is associated with NGO SALAM BALAK an NGO for girls through her organisation and decided to have one such home in Patna Bihar...She got married 2 years back and her husband is from Patna and this is their dream. She is a very positive,a confident person and a true believer of Karma, She loves love writing affirmation because she believes if she writes what she wants, She sets a goal for herself and works hard to achieve them. She has many Dreams...yes she is a Dreamer.

Mrs India she is India is a dream for her she believes that this platform will give face to her voice...The voice which will change and empower every women to believe in themselves...

She wants to show the universe that she is confidently beautiful with the heart.

She is brave, bold, and beautiful. She is India

Ms Shriti Karmakar


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