Mrs India - She is India is a female empowerment program for married Indian Women.It is a system that believes in the fact that "there is no force equal to a woman who is determined to rise". This truly exceptional platform of She is India is for those strong willed modern day Indian women who think that the world is their oyster. Mrs India - She is India is more of a movement of empowering women by providing them opportunities to represent India on International platforms such as ( Mrs Universe, Mrs Universal, Mrs Earth ) rather than a beauty pageant in the traditional sense of the word. The women who enter this prestigious program embark on a life changing journey,are strong willed ambitious women who aspire and strive to be the best version of themselves. She is brave, she is real, she is someone who wants the best for her family and society and that is why She is India. This system takes you on a journey of a lifetime and allows you to dream and helps you to turn those dreams into realities.

So if you are brave and think its never too late to follow your dreams and have it in you to be the voice of change - then you truly are "She is India".  

The international pageants have been developed to promote today's married women, their accomplishments and commitment towards family and society. Around the world women are finding such pageants to be an opportunity to contribute towards various pertinent causes such as domestic violence, environmental issues, cancer awareness, child trafficking etc.

The event will be held during May 2017. The finalists will be groomed by the industry experts to be the best version of themselves. The Pageant will be a four day Gala Extravaganza where the finalists will showcase their talent, intelligence & beauty. The finale will see the best Lady winning the very prestigious "Mrs India"  crown  and will embark on a life changing journey to     Mrs Universe !

  • Over 16 years experience in Fashion Industry
  • International Pageants Licence holder
  • The best Grooming experts in the team


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